Coachella Valley Preserve - Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve

The weather we've had on this trip has been fantastic for visiting gardens and taking small adventures.  Not too hot and no rain so far!
After a quick search for gardens to see, we decided on a visit to Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve and we sure are glad we did.   

Just a short drive from where we are staying in Cathedral City.  

Arriving in the parking lot we were greeted with an enticing view.
View form the parking lot
This preserve is free to the public but donations are appreciated.

We decided to explore Squaw Hill first passing through a nice stand of  Washingtonia filifera

 Incredibly beautiful!!!

 Ok, now on to Squaw Hill
Wildflowers on our way to the top of Squaw Hill
 Plenty of wildflowers and plants to stop and enjoy

The view from the top of Squaw Hill is fantastic.
Please excuse Mike's wardrobe malfunction.  (It did get a little warm hiking in long pants)
From Here we went back down to the main entrance and decided to head over to McCallum Trail

The trail leads you through a series of well maintained board walks that allow you to travel through the wet areas very easily.

On our way through we spotted some wildlife.

Now on to our last stop, McCallum Grove.



  1. The fish! The owl! The palms! I read about this place in the book Designing with Palms, it’s even better than I thought it would be.

    1. So much more to see here as well. I think I read there are over 30 miles of trails!


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