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Some of the blooms happening in my garden

This first image is of my Eryngium x zabellii ‘Neptune’s Gold’ taken last week.  The blooms were just begining to turn blue.  This is my first year with this Eryngium and I've heard mixed reviews from fellow gardeners.   I really want it to work out.
...and now a week later you can see the flowers of Eryngium x 'Neptune's Gold' are turning quite blue, contrasting nicely with the chartreuse foliage.  I don't enjoy the scent of Eryngiums, but pollinators sure do!

I have planted three Eryngium venustum in my dry bed and they are getting ready to shine.  This is possibly one of the most painful Eryngiums I have growing.    The bracts and leaves are very sharp.  This plant has done nothing but thank me for planting it in my dry bed, that gets very little supplemental water.  (Why so defensive?) lol Hesperaloe parviflora 'Brakelights'.  I've been in love with this Hesperaloe for some time.  It has a little more compact size than other Hesperaloe I am familia…

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