New Patio Project With Sweetstone (Pt.2)

The removal of the old slab went by very fast, and this meant we could move on to the fun part.

We were all feeling pretty good about our progress, look at the smile on Teresa's face

Everywhere we set the boulders, we also compacted the soil before adding gravel and then compacted that.  
The Jumping jack seemed to work pretty good for that.
Kevin compacts the gravel before we set the boulders

...and now the fun part!

Look who stopped by to visit!  My neighbor Venessa.

For future access we added a sleeve.  I'll be able to run lighting wire and a irrigation line through this later.

Since The whole patio will now be raised about 4 inches. Instead of having a step anywhere, we busted out this portion of the sidewalk and it will now have a slight incline.

...and here you can see how the boulders will set into the patio

Thanks for following along


  1. Installing the boulders right! Going to be so sweet, into the future. I am intrigued as to that "jumping jack." What is it? (I have guesses, but I'll hold them, in case it's a completely obvious answer!)

    1. The jumping jack is another compactor (more of a rammer) you can compact deeper than the normal vibrating compactor.

  2. I look forward to seeing this unfold...

    1. Thanks, Chris. I have to wait for the weather to warm up before I can seal it up.


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