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Patio Project with Sweetstone Pt. 3

   Spring is here and I've been busy working in the back garden.  While not all the tasks were specifically related to the patio installation, everything ties together.  (I'll need to finish task A. before I can get to task B. I'm sure you get it!)  Among those tasks I really needed to deal with the drainage issues.    Our lawn has always been soft in the Winter months, so I knew I would have some drainage issues and sure enough, the first rain storm after the demo, our back yard was flooded! This is all compounded by having just had some heavy equipment in the back yard, compacting the soil.  I wish I would have taken photos of the LAKE!  I'll get into one of my solutions later in the post.     I thought about the space for a long time, visually how I would like to see the patio. I would like it to be one with the landscape.  Not a square, but it could have some straight lines. My ideas changed quite a bit. Kevin and Teresa of Sweetstone would give me

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